NOTE ONE: Starting in 2010 the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award would now be handled internally among the Inkwell Awards Committee (IAC) and optionally by the Ambassadors, Contributors, past IAC members, and past HoF winners. They would select several candidates with a an inking career of outstanding accomplishment and lifetime achievement of no less than 25 years (2010: 20 years) and from that tally the public would vote for two as award recipients.  Starting in 2013, the entire process would be handled internally with out the public voting on the ballot.

NOTE TWO: In 2008 a ‘Favorite Finisher’ category was originally on the nomination ballot.  But now that the ballot theme is recognition for the previous year of recent work and not the career output, it soon became clear from the Nominators that they couldn’t find inkers credited as Finishers, possibly due to pencilers’ work expected to be tighter than in the past (some of this due to not using an inker and coloring over them and the penciler being credited as ‘artist’).  Without enough choices to nominate there was no longer a point of running the category.  For this and all future ballots, the Favorite Inker category can include finishers.


*If participating, please keep your status discreet and not inform the public or artist community until ballots are received and we post your info at our website.
*Your immediate relatives (spouses, children) are not eligible and neither are you, yourself, if you ink.  We also ask that you also don’t vote for your boy/girl friends if they ink.
*Inkwell Awards Core Committee members are not eligible to be nominated if they ink.
*If another Nominator inadvertently votes for you because you are an inker that nomination will be deleted.
*If you happen to be an art rep/agent please let us know.  To avoid the perception of impropriety you will need to disclose all of the artists you represent and not nominate any of them.
*If you happen to be an editor who hires ink artists for assignments please let us know.  As long as you are willing to not nominate anyone who has worked for you in previous  two years or coming months.
*Promoters are not allowed to nominate anyone they have had at their show(s) within the past year or planned to bring in to their show within the next few months
*If you discover that another person is a Nominator please do not discuss your nomination choices with each other.
*If you need an extension to return your ballot, please inform us ASAP to discuss it.  Otherwise, late ballots will be found void.
*Violation of these terms will mean the possibility of voiding your ballot and not being chosen as a future Nominator.
*NomCom members are rewarded with a Special Silver inkwell for 5 years of service.

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