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2014 Inkwell Awards Ceremony

2014 Inkwell Awards Ceremony Q&A

2013 Inkwell Awards Ceremony Video Recording by She Never Slept

2012 Inkwell Awards Ceremony Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI

Step by Step Walkthroughs


Pen and Ink Crosshatching Master’s Edition by Dan Nelson

Scott Robertson – not inking but a good tutorial on line weights by Scott Robertson


Kav’s Inking Tips for Comic Artists by A. “Kav” Kaviraj

How to Start Inking Comics by

Step-by-Step Inking Process by Mike Perkins

How to Print Blue Lines by Walden Wong
Walden Wong guides readers through the process of reproducing pencil art in Blue Lines on art boards.

Think Before You Ink! by Adam Sowd
A methodical, step by step approach to inking comic art work.

Comic Book Inking Techniques by ARW,

Video Demonstrations


How to Draw and Ink Comics by Richard Friend

The Process: Inking Old School by Shane White

Inking Tips and Techniques by Kevin Cross

Brush Inking by Jose Marzan Jr

Drawing Super Heroes 1 of 3 by John Romita and Joe Kubert

Drawing Super Heroes 2 of 3 by John Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz

Drawing Super Heroes 3 of 3 by Dave Gibbons and Travis Charest

How to Ink Comic Books by Richard Bennett

60 Minute Inking Demo  by Paolo Rivera

Inking Tips by Bailee Jae

20 Videos on Inking and Penciling – The Comic Archive

Inking Demo by Justin Hillgrove

Inking Demo by James Graham

How To Be An Inker


Brush Video Demonstration by Le Beau L. Underwood


Speed Inking by Scott Williams

Inking in Realtime by Don Mark Noceda


Inking Spiderman by Mark Morales

Rocketeer Inking Tutorial by Stephen Silver

Aquaman #5 Ink Page by Ivan Reis


My Tools by Jonathan Glapion

Tools of the Trade with Mark Morales

Inking “Red String” using a Wacom Cintig tablet by Gina Biggs

Inking Tips by Someone Who Doesn’t Like to Ink

Inking with a G-Pen by Angel Tovar


Superman Inking Demonstration by Johnny B. Gerardy

Cognitive Comics Inking Demo

Art Lesson: Inking by Todd McFarlane

Two Basic Styles of Inking

Inking the Toxic Waste Zombie by Wayne Tully

Comic Inking with Sakura Pens by Deb Aoki

Dean Haspiel Inks “The Last Mortician” Part I | Part II

Digital Inking with Cintiq by Sergio Cariello

Various Dip Pens for Inking Comics

Drawing and Inking Faust by Tim Vigil

Exercise to Improve Your Inking Control by Jonathan Glapion

Inking from Start to Finish by Warren Pleece

Drawing with Dip Pens by scribblingangel

Traditional Comic Inking with a Brush by Ben Jones


Art Thibert on Spotting Blacks by Art Thibert

Nathan Wirtz on Inking

Non-Photo Blue Lines in Photoshop by ComicsAreGreat

Francis Vallejo – Ink Techniques

How To Ink with Sakura Pens by Evan Burse

Screentones as a Shading Tool by Marika Herzog

Inking Tools Guide by Inking Tools Guide

Inking in Traditional and Non Traditional Ways by architectus777

Bad Comics Inking by

Dip Pen Inking Tutorial Part I | Part II by Hayley Russell


12 Great Videos on Inking with Various Artists

How to Prepare a Fountain Pen by

Inking a Wolf with Tech or Micron Pens by Lady-Cybercat

Stylized Inking Tutorial by Linda Wan

Inking Tutorial – Strange Things by Bryan Moss

Digital Inking by Lisa Moore

Inking with a Brush by Mark Rudolph

Artist Nick Bertozzi on Inking

Inking and Lineweights by Carly Lyn

Making Comics (and Inking) by Doug Tennapel


Devil’s Panties” Inking Tutorial by Jennie Breeden

Inking Jam at Wildstorm Studio by Spicter

Creating Comic Books: Inking Comics With Brushes by ExpertVillage

Sumi ink VS. India Ink by Bryan Moss

Brush Inking Basics by Jonathan Ponikvar

Tom Nguyen Inking Derik Farnsworth

“Madame Xanadu” Inking Demonstration by Amy Reed Hadley

“Miki Falls” Inking Crosshatches Tutorial by Mark Crilley

How to Ink a Circle by Salgood Sam

Inking using a Brush Pen by Joshua Buchanan

Inking Dreamlife by Salgood Sam


Brush Inking Demonstration by Chad Cole


Inking Jenny Sparks by Jim Lee



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