In the first few years of operations only a few were designated as volunteers (as opposed to full-fledged contributors).  Technically, the Ms. Inkwell models would be best listed as volunteers as they’ve been, to date, one-shot participants…but our goal is to change that for return appearances starting this year.  Volunteers participate for no pay, usually at conventions, but are rewarded with Inkwell swag like shirts and books.  We also sometimes cover their door/entrance fee and some other expenses which is variable depending on the circumstances and duties involved.  As time has passed we have developed a need for volunteers and have begun recruiting them. Stacey Aragon acted as Inkwell Awards Volunteer Network Coordinator until her departure in 2012. If you’d like to be a volunteer, please contact us  at

Amy Fletcher (2008 or 2009)

Alyn Bergstrom (April 2009-July2013) – Promoted to a Contributor

Chris Woodard (April 2009-June 2013)

Erick Korpi (April 2009-December 2010) – Promoted to a Contributor

Tana Aley (2010)

Elizebeth Groce (2010)

Joseph Burke (2009-2013, 2017)

Ryan Beaman (June 2010-June 2014)

Reid Beaman (June 2010-June 2014)

Ciara Michelle (June 2010- June 2011)

Kris Fenol (October 2010-November 2011) – Promoted to a Core Committee member

Mike (off) White (April 2011)

Thomas Deja (March 2012)

Joe Goulart (March 2012- December 2012) – Promoted to a Core Committee member – Later returned to volunteer status (September 2014-March 2015)- Returned as a contributor (April 2015-October 2015), volunteered for Terrificon and Neal Adams Challenge (August 2016-present)

Darnel Staley (November 2013-2015)

Hailey Skaza-Gagne (May 2014-December 2014) – Promoted to contributor (spokesmodel Ms. Inkwell)

Viraj (Veer) Mehta (October 2014-December 2014)

Sarah L. Covert (June 2014 and June 2015) Heroes Con volunteer, former core committee member

Alexia Dasilva (June 2016) Heroes Con volunteer

James McGee (June 2016) Heroes Con volunteer

Stefan Kalsheid (December 2017-May 2018) Gif Producer

Jayke Clark (October 2018-January 2019) Formerly a Contributor- show volunteer, administration

Jace Schloendorn (April 12-14, 2019) Photographer at Great Philadelphia Comic Con

Diane Brin Almond (August 9-11) unofficial Ms. Inkwell appearance at Terrificon

Michael James Prast (August 9-11, 2019) volunteer at Terrificon, (9/13 – 9/15, 2019) Granite State Comicon – November 23, 2019: Promoted to Senior Contributor

Ash Briggs (July 28-30, 2023) volunteer @ Terrificon