The following contributors were elected to the 2009 Nomination Committee and are responsible for determining the Ink Artists deserving to be recognized for outstanding work on art with a cover date of 2008.

Tom Chu (1)
Color Dojo

Bryan Stroud, aka ‘The Professor’ (1)
The Silver Lantern

Adam McGovern (1)
Copyeditor “The Superhero Book”, Columnist, and Writer
“The Jack Kirby Collector”
“Dr. ID”

Robert Haines (1)
Executive Committee Member – Canadian Comic Book Creators Awards Association
The Joe Shuster Awards

Jennifer M. Contino (1)
Entertainment Journalist
The Pulse and Sequential Tart

Buddy Scalera (1)
Writer, Photographer, Marketer, Jedi
Buddy Scalera’s Official Website

Andrew Smith, AKA ‘Captain Comics’ (1)
Designer/Copyeditor, Columnist, and Contributing Editor
“Comics Buyer’s  Guide”

Matt Herring (1)
Co-host of the Secret Identity Podcast
Secret Identity Podcast

Keith Murphey (1)
President of the Comic Book Artists Guild
CB Artists Guild

Jerry Livengood (1)
Art Rep
Serendipity Art Sales

Andrea Speed (1)
Owner/Reviewer at Comixtreme-now

Van Allen Plexico (1)
Editor of “Assembled!” and “Assembled!2” – Artist, Publisher, Prose writer of “Sentinals” – Founder and Webmaster of Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble

Jay Pillarella (1)
Co-Owner of Rubber Chicken Comics
Rubber Chicken Comics

Larry Harrison (1)
Co-promoter of North East Comic Con and Owner/Retailer of Harrison’s Comics & Collectibles
Harrison’s Comics and Collectibles

Don MacPherson (1)
Journalist and Comics Reviewer
“Eye on Comics” and “The Fourth Rail”