Mike Hoskin (14)
**2014 recipient of the 2nd silver inkwell/2019 Above & Beyond Award
Writer- Marvel Universe Handbooks
Bob Bretall (12)
**2016 recipient of the silver inkwell/2021 recipient Above & Beyond Award
Owner / Editor-in-Chief ComicSpectrum.com, 2017 Guinness World Record – World’s Largest Comic Collection
Michele Witchipoo (11)
**2016 recipient of the silver inkwell/2022 recipient Above & Beyond Award
Artist / Writer
Rik Offenberger (10)
**2018 recipient of the silver inkwell/2023 Above & Beyond Award
Owner- First Comics News/Public Relations / Archie Comics/Interviewer
Tony Parker (10)
**2018 recipient of the silver inkwell/2023 Above & Beyond Award
Artist / Instructor
Edward Harris (9)
**2019 recipient of the silver inkwell>
Art Collector / Former Comics Director of Phoenix Comicon
Jim Johnson (9)
**2019 recipient of the silver inkwell
Writer / Reporter / Blogger
Palmer Chasse (4)
Steven Bearfield (4)
2022 Sinnott Hall of Fame and Stacey Aragon SRA Nominators
Gerry Acerno
Bob Almond
Ray Burke
Mike Pascale
Mark Sinnott