Robert Haines (8) **2013 recipient of the 1st silver inkwell
Executive Committee Member: Canadian Comic Book Creators Awards
Mike Hoskin (7) **2014 recipient of the 2nd silver inkwell
Writer- Marvel Universe Handbooks
Bob Bretall (5) **2016 recipient of the silver inkwell
Owner / Editor-in-Chief The ComicSpectrum, 2015 Guinness World Record – World’s Largest Comic Collection
Johnny B. Gerardy (5) **2016 recipient of the silver inkwell
Artist / Former Inkwell Awards Contributor
Michele Witchipoo (5) **2016 recipient of the silver inkwell
Artist / Writer
David Hanson (3) 
Artist / Writer 
Nate Machado (3) 
Inkwell Contributor: COMPliments Program/Manager / New England Comics: Brockton and New Bedford (MA)
Rik Offenberger (3) 
Owner- First Comics News/Public Relations / Archie Comics/Interviewer
Tony Parker (3)
Artist / Instructor
Andrea Speed (3)
Ed Harris (2)
Art Collector / Former head of comics programming for the Phoenix Comicon
Jim Johnson (2)
Reviewer / Blogger / Writer
Craig Rogers (2) 
Art rep / Contributor – 
Andrew Dalhouse (1) 
Dave Marchand (1)
Blogger / Writer / Fan
Doug Zawisza (1) 
CBR reviewer
2016 Sinnott Hall of Fame and SRA Nominators
Bob Almond
Stacey Aragon
Richard Buckler
John Dixon
Rhys Evans
Erick Korpi
Mark McKenna
Bill Nichols
Mike Pascale
Joe Sinnott
Mark Sinnott
J. David Spurlock
J.L. Straw
Jim Tournas
Tim Townsend
Sal Velluto