The following contributors were elected to the 2010 Nomination Committee and are responsible for determining the Ink Artists deserving to be recognized for outstanding work on art with a cover date of 2009.

Steve Pillarella (1) 
Co-owner/retailer Rubber Chicken Comics
Rubber Chicken Comics

Michael Hoskin (1)
Writer, Marvel Universe Handbooks
Section 244

Stacey Aragon (1)
Inkwell Contributor
Facebook Comic Con

Patrick Thomas (1)
Pittsburgh Comic Con – Marketing Director
Pittsburgh Comic Con

Charles Edward Sellner (1)
Agent/Writer/Artist/Founder/Editor/Creative Director
Visionary Studios

Larry Harrison (2)
Co-promoter of North East Comic Con and Owner/Retailer of Harrison Comics
Harrison’s Comics and Collectibles

Brian LeTendre (1)
Co-host of the Secret Identity Podcast
Secret Identity Podcast

Andrea Speed (2)
Owner/Reviewer at Comixtreme-now

Wally Harrington (1)
CFA of APA – Writer and Former Editor

Buddy Scalera (2)
Writer, Photographer, Marketer, Jedi
Buddy Scalera’s Offical Website

Robert Haines (2)
Executive Committee Member, Canadian Comic Book Creators Awards Association
The Joe Shuster Awards Association

Steve Morger (1)
Art Rep/Agent, Promoter of the Super-con – now Big Wow Comicfest
Big Wow Comicfest

Ken Lopez (1)
DC Comics Staff Letterer
DC Comics

Rich Lane (1)
Webbed Feats

Dwight Clark (1)
Co-host of the Sidebar Nation Podcast
Sidebar Nation

2010 Sinnott Hall of Fame Nominators

Nathan Massengill
Tom Schloendorn
Damon Owens
Daniel Best
Jim Tournas
Terry Austin
Mark McKenna
Dan Panosian
Stacey Aragon
Bob Almond
Joe Sinnott
Bob Shaw