The following contributors were elected to the 2013 Nomination Committee and are responsible for determining the Ink Artists deserving to be recognized for outstanding work on art with a cover date of 2012.  NomCom members are rewarded with a Special Silver inkwell for 5 years of service.

Robert Haines (5) **recipient of the silver inkwell
Executive Committee Member, Canadian Comic Book Creators Awards
The Joe Shuster Awards

Mike Hoskin (4)
Writer, Marvel Universe Handbooks
Section 244

Johnny B. Gerardy (3)
Ink Artist
Johnny Beware Gerardy: Artist Extraordinare

Erick Korpi (3)
Representative, Comic Art House & Inkwells Contributor
Comic Art House

Stacey Aragon (3) 
Former Inkwell Committee Member

Michele Witchipoo (2)
Witches Brew Press

Bob Bretall (2)
Co-Host, Comic Book Page Podcasts
Comic Book Page

Lisa Hager-Duncan (2)
Editor, Witch Hunter (Monarch Comics)
Monarch Comics

Rik Offenberger (2) 
Owner- First Comics News/Public Relations – Archie Comics/Interviewer
First Comics News

Brian Letendre (2) 
Owner/Reviewer, Comixtreme-now

Nate Machado (2)
Inkwell Contributor: COMPliments Program/Manager- New England Comics: Brockton and New Bedford
New England Comics

Damon Owens (2)
Original Comic Art Collector/Inkwell Contributor
Comic Art Gallery of Damon Owens

Henry Covert (2)
She Never Slept, Reviewer & Columnist/Inkwells Contributor: Chronicler
She Never Slept

Pat Lane (1)

2013 Sinnott Hall of Fame Nominators

Bob Almond
Stacey Aragon
Henry Covert
Sarah L. Covert
Joe Goulart
Michael W. Kellar
Erick Korpi
Mark McKenna
Bill Nichols
Dan Panosian
Joe Sinnott
Mark Sinnott
Mike Pascale
Brian Pulido
Bob Shaw
Scott Williams
J. David Spurlock
Jim Tournas