04 Feb 2014

joe sinnott dvd cover 400

As a generous donation to the Inkwell Awards, Robin Dale of Amdale Media  (with Renee Witterstaetter of Evaink) has offered a dozen signed copies of the CREATOR CHRONICLES PIONEER SERIES: JOE SINNOTT “A GUY NAMED JOE” DVD.  3-4 of these will be reserved for Heroes Con and their Sunday charity auction but the other 8-9 signed DVDs will be auctioned off in March in conjunction with the 4th Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge fundraising auctions (nothing running now but please bookmark this link). The unsigned DVD goes for $29.95 from Amdale.  The Inkwell has not yet determined the auction bid for the signed copies at this time.

Tentative participants this year for the 4th annual Inking Challenge include John Floyd, Keith Williams, Scott Koblish,  Jack Purcell, Gerry Acerno, Kent Archer, Marc Deering, J. E. Lozano, Le Beau Underwood,  Noah Barrett, Neil Vokes, Mark Stegbauer, Tom Schloendorn, Michael W. Kellar,  Mark McKenna, Ken Branch, Tod Allen Smith, Jim Tournas, Travis Miller, Joe Goulart, Charles Barnett III, Mike Pascale,  Johnny B. Gerardy,  Rusty Gilligan, Bob Wiacek, Scott Hanna, Ian Chase Nichols, Dave Beaty,  Dan Parsons, Jaime Mendoza, Cory Hamscher, Diana Greenhalgh,  Anthony L. Fowler,  Robert Doan, Bob Almond,  Jane Straw and  Tim Estiloz.