22 Feb 2014

2014 INKWELL AWARDS SCHEDULED CONVENTION TOUR: these are official appearances that myself, the Inkwell Awards and some members/volunteers and our spokesmodel Ms. Inkwell will be attending. This does not count tentative appearances at other venues where a model or volunteer like Stacey Aragon will attend as Ms. Inkwell for fundraising in the midwest…those will be announced at a later date;-) Come see us and show your support for inking and inkers like the generous promoters and staff do at these shows! Please visit their websites as they support charities and give back to the comic book community. Thank you!



MAY 31-JUNE 1: HARTFORD COMIC CON, Ms. Inkwell: Anna White






JUNE 20-22-HEROES COMIC CON, Annual Awards Ceremony, Ms. Inkwells: Laura Beihl & Anna White, and many members and ambassadors





SEPTEMBER 26-28: PITTSBURGH COMICON, Ms. Inkwell: Laura Beihl, and several members in attendance

NOVEMBER 1-2: RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON, Ms. Inkwell: Anna White, and several members in attendance