On June 25 at 10:50am, grandson and author Dorian Jack Sinnott posted the following statement at the Facebook Joe Sinnott Art Page that he admins: “It with great sorrow that we must announce the passing of Joltin’ Joe Sinnott on June 25th at 8:40am at the age of 93. He went peacefully with the knowledge […]
Produced and Edited by Renee Woodruff/ Concept, Edited & Proofread by Bob Almond/ Assistance by Mike Pascale, 8.5X11 (magazine-sized), 262 b&w interior pages! Introduction by Clifford Meth 10th Anniversary Testimonials Feature on the premiere ceremony host awards show promoter Shelton Drum Michael Netzer (front cover) / Joe Sinnott (back cover) Featuring the ink work of (in order): Andy Smith (1), Aposcar Cruz (1), Belinda Sinnott (1), Bill Sienkiewicz (2), Bob Wiacek (1), Charles Barnett III (1), David F. Fox (1), Dorian Sinnott (1), Ed Eargle (1), Guy Dorian Sr. (1), Ian Chase Nichols (1), Jane Straw (1), Jason Sylvestre (1), Jeff Graham (2), Joe Orsak (1), John Dell (1), John Dixon (1), John Floyd (1), Keith Williams (2), Ken Branch (2), Kent Archer (1), Kevin Conrad (1), Mark McKenna (1), Mark Pennington (2), Mark Sinnott (1), Mike Barreiro (2), Mike Pascale (1), Neil Vokes (1), Noah Barrett (3), Richard Bonk (1), Robert Dean (1), Rusty Gilligan (2), Sam Kressin (1), Steve Lehmann (1), Steven Pannella (1), Thomas Stocker (1), Tim Estiloz (2), Tom Schloendorn (1), Trevor Von Eden (2), Vaughn Noel (1), Will Egli (2) and a special Spider-man art switcheroo with Alex Saviuk inking Joe Sinnott! All Inking Challenge books are signed by Joe Sinnott!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (New Bedford, MA/USA—January 13, 2020) The Inkwell Awards, a non-profit advocacy for comic-book inking and ink artists, is retiring its original “Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge” after eight years. Created by founder and director Bob Almond, the Challenge involved Sinnott, the organization’s first special ambassador, drawing or loosely sketching two characters for which […]