28 Nov 2023

Kevin and Bob, July 2023 Terrificon

On Monday November 13 the comic book community lost one of it’s best. He wasn’t an ink artist. Nor was he a contributor to the Inkwell Awards officially. Kevin Brogan was a volunteer of the Hero Initiative and he was a friend to the Inkwells. I’ve been too busy with assignments and obligations to post this article until now but to bring you up to speed I posted the following on my Facebook feed once I got wind that he was no longer with us on Tuesday the 14th. Later I heard from his niece Colleen Moore after reading my post. She had an email thread forwarded to my inbox filling in the details from family and Heroes Initiative members. From that I posted an update on 11/20:
“UPDATE: regarding the passing of The Hero Initiative’s Kevin Grogan, it turned out that this morning at 10am EST was his funeral mass livestream. I missed it but it was saved and can still be viewed here: https://youtube.com/live/A7DI5cAjXAU?feature=share
I did receive and read the email threads that many of Kevin’s peers and friends that discussed his status from having first caught Covid through his back & forth hospital visits and stay over the course of over a month until he developed an infection and was put on a ventilator. It all filled in gaps I was missing to his tragic story. His niece Colleen Moore who’s been the point person for the family and the comic book creator community also announced there will be a memorial service for Kevin in January in the DC area. I’ll share here as soon as I know more. I will also post this info on the Inkwell Awards website once my schedule allows. He was a friend of the non-profit and supported us through his actions and spirit all the while a very active member of HI. That makes him family.”