10 Mar 2015


Artist/Inker Norman Lee was announced as having disappeared March 5th while vacationing on the Cayman Islands with his wife of five years Jan. They were snorkeling when she lost sight of Norman and presumed he’d returned to shore. When he wasn’t found the authorities were called in, resulting in a search & rescue, and later a search & recovery, which was called off by Cayman police on Saturday the 7th.  People.com has coverage on this tragedy.

The comic book community has expressed their grief with tributes on his Facebook page. Jan Lee made the following statement on her Facebook wall on Monday:

To all of our amazing friends and family:

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support our family has received since the news of Norman’s disappearance. The overwhelming amount of love, care and encouragement we’ve gotten from all corners of the world is a testament to Norman’s loving personality and incomparable character. Your beautiful words are meaningful and inspiring.

Many of you we have never met, but it is clear that your love for Norman is as strong and powerful as ours is. Norman was an amazing husband, mentor, friend, son, brother and man. He was a second father to my children. He was the love of my life and despite the unfathomable heartache I am feeling today I would not change one moment I shared with Norman. Our five years of marriage was love in its purest form and I feel incredibly lucky to have shared it with the most wonderful human being I will ever know.

Our world has lost a powerful and far reaching force for positivity and kindness. Please help me and my family keep Norman alive by continuing to promote his messages of happiness, positivity, kindness and love for your fellow man. His love for others and his passion for life does not end here. He is now in all of us and all of you. Thank you for your support and love.

A huge comic book fan, Norman went to the Umass:Dartmouth art college for Illustration, graduating in 1990 with fellow friend and alumnus (Inkwell  founder) Bob Almond.  Norman had his big break on Marvel Comics’ Wolverine ’96 Annual. That led to a prolific and accomplished career with Marvel, DC and other publishers working on Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Starman, He-Man and other characters for almost twenty years. He leaves behind two step-children Nora & Patrick and his spouse. He was 47.

Bob and the Inkwells share their sincerest condolences to Norman’s family and loved ones for their loss.