24 Nov 2014

Everyone has a Black Friday sale going on and the Inkwell Awards are no exception! Starting on November 28, Black (ink) Friday, our holiday sale will begin at our website’s Store page and run until January 30.  All merchandise*, signed or not, (books, prints, t-shirts, DVDs) will be HALF OFF the listed prices while supplies last! You can email me at dmralmond@gmail.com to check that an item is in stock and verify the s&h fee and then, if using Paypal, pay us at that account address or mail a check or MO after getting our shipping address.

*EXCEPTIONS: Does not include the signed & numbered Sienkiewicz Ms. Inkwell 13X19 prints nor the 3rd Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge book (signed or unsigned). Those are full donation price. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!