02 Sep 2014


As reported at First Comics News, the Inkwells have announced their first two stops on their 2014-15 convention tour schedule: Granite State Comicon on September 13-14 and Rhode Island Comic Con on November 1-2! For more info please click the link above.

Anna White

Ms. Inkwell: Anna White

J. David Spurlock and Joe Sinnott

J. David Spurlock and Joe Sinnott





  1. HI

    My name is Sambaran Chatterjee and I am an inking student. I have found your tutorials very helpfule. I was wondering if you guys can send me some pencil samples to practice my inking on. My teacher has provided me many samples to ink, as shown in my work above, but I’d love more variety to cut my teeth on. If you could send me any pencil samples to my email to practice inking, that would be terrific


    Sambaran Chatterjee
    Portland, OR

  2. Bob Almond says:

    I’m sorry but we do not have the resources for this request. If you search online you are likely to find pencil samples. Good luck!

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