16 Feb 2012

John passed away February 12 at the age of 90.  His impressive art career in comic books spanned 60 years and he was working right until the end.  He usually inked his own pencils but I will always appreciate his ink work over Herb Trimpe’s Incredible Hulk , his EC Comics work and his work with his sister Marie.  Here is his wikipedia entry of full career accomplishments and this is Mark Evanier’s blog entry on him. Rest in peace, John.

15 Feb 2012

ITEM: Are you an aspiring ink artist looking to have your samples reviewed/critiqued? Post them at the new Inkwell Awards Artist Alley Forum here at the website where professional artists Jay Leisten and Michael W. Kellar are available to do so! This replaces our old forum (that replaced the P.J. Magalhaes inkers.org forum), now archived, with Sarah L. Covert as the new moderator with Damon Owens stepping down after years of moderating the old venue.

Please register and sign up NOW!

ITEM: The 2012 Inkwell Awards nominations have been submitted, tallied and validated! Here are the Nomination Committee members this time around and they deserve an enthusiastic round of applause! Public ballots will go live at our website homepage on May 1-15.  The Heroes Comic Con will take place June 22-24.  The Awards Ceremony has not yet been scheduled.  We will keep you posted.

05 Feb 2012

Did you know it is a leap year this year? Did you also know that the Inkwell Awards have some pretty special things happening? No? Well you should!

We have a new interactive forum/social network on our site and we also have a new Facebook Fan Page…

But that’s not all!

In order to celebrate the leap year comic book style! We are having a special contest. Every new member who signs up on the forum and our FB Fan Page by the 28th will have their name entered into a raffle. The winner will receive 4 #1 issues of comics, several ComicCon exclusives, and two graphic novels (and maybe some more goodies!).

Good Luck! The winner will be posted on February 29th.