05 Jun 2013

*2013 INKWELL AWARDS DONATION & RESULTS BOOK: besides the regular edition we mentioned earlier with sexy cover art of Ms. Inkwell by Ed Coutts, we have another fantastic version available! A Special Edition of this book will sport front and back cover art by the fan-favorite good-girl/pin-up artist, Franchesco, with his own *stunning* rendition of our spokes model character! (The “partial image” is the inventive flip cover–are we clever or what?) 🙂


03 May 2013

ms.inkwellWhat does a non-profit charity do when a major comic book convention is cancelled and a city put on lockdown due to evil terrorists, blocking them from seeking donations for essential fundraising? You call in your spokesmodel….Ms. Inkwell to the Rescue! The Inkwell Awards are auctioning off their previously donated original art intended for the upcoming Ms. Inkwell Gallery charity book in order to raise funds necessary to buy trophies and bring in award recipients to the Charlotte Heroes Con live awards ceremony June 7-9. Wave One takes place Saturday the 27th and Wave Two the following weekend. If you like sexy, good girl art then check the art interpretations of Ms. India Wells by the likes of artists Trevor Von Eeden, Fred Hembeck, Neil Vokes, Gerry Acerno, Jay Fife, Mark McKenna, Mike Pascale, Michael Netzer, Sara Richard, Tom Schloendorn, Tod Allen Smith, Mike Okamoto, Jeremy Dale, Dean Kotz, Alex Saviuk, Louis Small, Jr., Ed Coutts, Roger Andrews, Phil Moy, Michael W. Kellar, Charles Barnett III, Bob Almond, Leonardo Gondim and the original prelim design drawings of Ms. Inkwell from 2009 by Randy Green! Visit The Inkwell eBay site

15 Apr 2013

Joe Sinnott with his 2008 trophies for Favorite Inker and Hall of Fame

(New Bedford, MA/USA—April 14, 2013) The Inkwell Awards, a non-profit organization devoted to educating and promoting the art of inking, invites the public to vote for the industry’s best of the past year. The official public ballot will be available on the Inkwell Awards’  homepage from April 15 through April 30. Voting is open to everyone, whether fans or professional peers. The winners will be announced at the live awards ceremony at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC June 7-9.


03 Mar 2013


Check out over two dozen incredible donations of original art and signed prints by the likes of Trevor Von Eeden and Bob Smith, Kris Carter, Jamal Igle and Gerry Acerno, Mark Bright and Acerno, Hannibal King, David Mack, Khary Randolph, Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella & Zach Howard, Billy Tucci and Mark Sparacio, Khari Evans and Jimmy Palmiotti, Roger Andrews, and Dave Simons himself!

Inkwell Awards Ebay Auctions!

20 Feb 2013

Ballots have been turned in and nominees tallied by the core committee so now you can meet the various community volunteers who took the time and effort to lend their support to the organization by researching and choosing in their opinion the most qualified and exceptional ink artists who performed in 2012. And congratulations to Robert Haines who will be awarded later this year for a silver inkwell for his five years of consecutive service on the Nomination Committee! Please visit the NomCom 2013 page!

22 Nov 2012

It was announced Monday 11/19 on his Facebook page by his brother Nando Prudhomme that ink artist Hector Collazo (Daredevil, Marvel Comics Presents) died suddenly from a stroke. His career at Marvel Comics both as a freelancer and on staff lasted seventeen years. The Inkwell Awards pass on their condolences to Hector’s family and loved ones.

27 Oct 2012

The Inkwell Awards, a non-profit advocacy group devoted to promoting and educating about the art form of comic book inking is now celebrating its sixth season. Bob Almond, founder and director of the organization announced this week a year’s worth of activities, events and accomplishments all designed to celebrate the talents of artists of ink and the contribution they make to an industry rich in tradition.