31 Mar 2011

All the fun & thrills of the old one, but new and improved!  It’s still a work in progress because we have a lot of essential inky resources to carry over but perfection can’t be rushed!  Many thanks to Kris Fenol and Jason Gouger!

12 Mar 2011

Here we are at year four and I’m excited about a few things that I wanted to share. One very good sign that we may actually be getting better at what we do and that the public is beginning to accept us is that for the first time, upon revealing the award results for last year, we didn’t receive or find the very vocal criticism from traditional sources such as a popular blogger or a fellow inker in our community (who actually complimented us in a public forum). We found that very rewarding in light of the fact that we had a few challenges in 2010. For one thing, we had a sponsor who didn’t live up to all of their promises. We extended our voting system from June all the way to October to accommodate their show which would host our first live awards presentation. And while we certainly received some exposure from this sponsor, the awards event was not to be and put me in the unenviable position of apologizing to all of the award recipients who’d agreed to attend the show and now were told that they wouldn’t be brought in after all in the eleventh hour. But I won’t dwell on that because this nightmare led to Shelton Drum, promoter of the legendary Heroes Con, to offer us the space and partial funding we’d need to make this dream a reality….and it all takes place back in the month of June, the normal month of our voting! The new, annual Nomination Committee was formed, the ballots are out, and operations are up to speed with the truncated time table.


14 Apr 2010

We’re back for 2010, BIGGER and BETTER than ever, baby!! Typical hyperbole? In many cases, the answer would be yes but not so this time here at Inkwell headquarters, dear friends. The most significant development to date was made in arecent announcement that Wizard Entertainment will be supporting our mission through promotion, space at their shows, and in sponsoring our first live awards presentation at the premiere of their New England Comic Con in Boston on October 1-3, 2010 . We’d hesitated until now from doing anything more than online result announcements in the past because we were wide-eyed rookies at the awards game, our fan base was still developing, and we had a limited budget (and still do!).