13 Aug 2012

I barely knew the man and legend. But I do know that, to my shock, he accepted my invitation to be an ambassador for my Inkwell Awards last year and to be associated with us (much thanks goes to J. David Spurlock for the nudge).  This lent us a huge amount of credibility and exposure as he was debatably (although I doubt anyone would debate it) our top creator to represent us, which says an awful LOT considering our other brilliant ambassadors and their talent & reps).  And he personally handed out three Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund Awards to his students for us at the school that bears his name, a school that represented the sequential art field like no other. He was so active, strong and busy that I figured he’d surely be around for some time to come. Starting professionally at the age of TWELVE, he was one of the final surviving innovators of the golden-age of comics and one who helped to develop our sequential art form as a teacher and mentor for decades. Honestly, it’s more of a loss to this industry and community than I can even properly express.

I sincerely extend all of my best wishes to his family and loved ones on behalf of the Inkwell Awards family.  May he rest and peace. Thanks a lot, Joe!    ~B~

05 Aug 2012

*ITEM! Ink artist Phil Moy posted this file on our Facebook group page which shows a giant Ms. Inkwell illustration that he donated to our upcoming Ms. Inkwell Gallery book used on the promotional screens above Artists Alley at San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to Phil for giving Ms. India Wells some west coast cred while plugging himself.

*ITEM! Check out our spankin’ new FAQ page to answer all of those pesky inquiries you’ve been wondering about all this time. And reading our updated History page can’t hurt!

*ITEM! Congratulations to Inkwell Awards committee member Michael W. Kellar for his promotion to the position of Assistant Director starting this month of August. This will mean that Mike will help me add some much-coveted order to my present load of chaos. Wish us luck!

*ITEM! Speaking of the Ms. Inkwell Gallery book, that was intended for a summer release, it’s now scheduled for a late fall release. But we have some big surprises in store for it that we’ll be sure to announce soon!

*ITEM! And speaking of books, our 2012 Donation book that debuted at Heroes Con is now available at our Store for a donation of $15. And within a week we’ll be able to take orders for our Special Signed & Numbered (limited to only ten copies) Edition signed by cover artist Mike McKone and signed by producers Jim Tournas and Bob Almond on the title page inside.