Looking for work or artists?  Post and let the community know!

Please use the comments section below if you are an ink artist looking for work or are someone who needs to hire one.  This page is meant as a community service but we cannot vouch for anyone who posts here should any negotiations or services go badly so please do your homework and research the other party and take precautions.  We also frown upon assignments that do not pay or only on the back end but it’s your prerogative and remember the phrase “Buyer (artist) beware”.  Sample classified messages are below:

“Inker seeking work!  15 years experience working on diverse genre subject matter at such publishers as ACDC, ADHD, Picture Publishing and Black Pony Comics.  Worked on Klunker Man, Lusty Lady Legion, Tales to Admonish, Toddlers at War, etc.  Page rates are negotiable and resume can be sent upon request.  I can start immediately.

You can see my work at my site at and email me at        Clemont Booth Coll”


“INKER WANTED ASAP!  We need an experienced artist to ink 102 pages in 3.5 hours upon hire.  Some deadline flexibility if necessary.  Page rates as much as $35 a page!!!! Please send me samples to the email address and check out our webpage at             E.C. Ingels”

Good Luck!