08 May 2017

Inkwell Awards friends from the Kubert School Michael Chen and Carol Thomas Hon have informed me and announced publicly today that the award recipient of the 8th Dave Simons Inkwell Awards Memorial Scholarship Fund was awarded on Friday May 5 at their annual awards ceremony to student Brian Benjamin! I regret that Hailey Skaza-Gagne, our spokesmodel Ms. Inkwell and I could not attend this year and appreciated special ambassador and scholarship maestro Clifford Meth filling in for us again. Dave’s sister Bette Simons has been notified and is excited as usual about this. Congrats to Brian and all the students awarded! And thanks to all the donors over the past year for their support!

For the group photo this is the copy that came with it from the school:

Brian Benjamin

Congrats to all our scholarship and award winners!

Back row from left to right:
Alexander Manrique (Perfect Attendance),
Derek Arneson (EGBAR Foundation Scholarship winner)
Matt Pace (A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner)
Anand Ramcheron (A Wave Blue World Scholarship winner)
Emma Kubert (Dean’s List)
Andy Kubert
Ian Denney (Perfect Attendance)
Hailey Brown (Norman Maurer Scholarship winner)
Justin Franklin (Herb Trimpe Scholarship)
Dillon Snook (Dave Monahan Scholarship winner)
Gregory Ramos (Charlie LaGreca Scholarship winner)

Front row from left to right:
Catalina Murcia Alejo (Dean’s List)
Al Urrutia (Perfect Attendance)
Josh Maikis (Gene Colan Scholarship winner)
Elizabeth McBride (Dave Cockrum Scholarship winner)
Bane Duncan Wade (Dean’s List)
Michael Chen (Academic Supervisor at The Kubert School)

Tyler Chin-Tanner (A Wave Blue World publisher)
Brian Benjamin (Dave Simons/ Inkwell Awards Scholarship winner) Sarah Fletcher(Dean’s List)