10 Jan 2016

This is a copy/paste of the invitation that went out earlier today. But all the relevant info is there for those interested. Bob Almond




The Inkwell Awards invites you to the sixth annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge. Our Hall of Fame Award is named after Joe and, with his approval and support, we have taken a couple of his pencil donations intended for our fundraising, originally rendered on blank variant cover comics, and blown them up and converted them to bluelines for inking. We have chosen ink artists who are A) part of our organization, B) Inkwell award recipients, or C) notable for their career inkwork ranging from the veteran embellishers of the

sinnottchallengedeadpoolbl72silver-age through to the respected delineators of today, but any inker can take part, including novices. Since last year some of you who missed previous Challenges asked me to be added to the list and you are included here. For fundraising and educational purposes, we’d like to know if you would be willing to voluntarily participate in inking one or both of these pieces. We will take the final images and post them on our Comic Art Fans gallery in comparison to Joe’s initial pencil art in order to showcase to the public the contributions of various ink artists and what they bring to the table. Secondly, these pieces would be auctioned off to raise funds for our vital operational needs and philanthropic programs like the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund to the students of the Joe Kubert School and our COMPliments Program which allows HoF inkers who are singled out from receiving collections of their work from publishers to receive them through us and not have to purchase them. Last year’s successful program brought in over $3000 on our eBay auctions and this year we anticipate an even better outcome. You can see previous samples of donations from our first four years at our Comic Art Fans gallery (top left labeled links): http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=35444


If you are interested in contributing please REPLY back to myself <dmralmond@gmail.com> and senior contributor Tom Schloendorn <tom_schloendorna4@comcast.net letting us know if you have the tools/capabilities to print up a hi-res blueline file on 11X17 2-ply Strathmore vellum board to ship back to me and we will promptly email you the hi-res file of either one or both images– please specify what you want…files will be emailed out within 24 hours of requests in most cases (THE SAMPLES BELOW ARE LO-RES SIMPLY FOR REFERENCE)…or if you don’t and are an established, published professional and you’d like us to ship either or both pages of bluelined boards to you, please forward your shipping address to us in your reply. If you cannot participate, no need to reply, we totally understand about your busy schedules and lives making it a challenge (plus, if we do this again, we’d probably touch base with you again). But should you know of another notable inker willing to participate please pass on their email address so we can invite them….however, we have the right to not include a request and please be aware that no work is guaranteed to be included in our subsequent book collection. We will be following-up with friendly reminders prior to the deadline. The working deadline is March 1, 2016 (7.5 weeks). Please ship the art to Mark Sinnott at:

Mark Sinnott

44 Spaulding Lane

Saugerties, NY 12477

Joe Sinnott will sign every page, then he will ship them to me, Bob Almond, to scan and make out item descriptions. Auctions will run subsequent to that in 2-4 waves in late March/early April.

At a later date prior to the book production Senior Contributor Enrica Jang, our book editor, will contact all of those who will be included in the book and inform you of how to give us your bio/link, photo and statement.

SPECIFIC INKING NOTES: You can ink it ‘as is’ or reinterpret it, bringing something extra to the table….this year we will have a tightly-penciled version Spider-Gwen and a breakdowns version for inkers to finish of Deadpool. Please be aware that Joe’s Deadpool drawing referenced Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars since that was the blank variant cover edition that he worked on. This is why the costume is faux-retro in appearance. You can choose to either fully render that look or specify it as one of his other more contemporary costume designs (a Google search should turn up every design). And the character on the left of the Deadpool sketch is a non-descript creature which you can ink faithfully or interpret as you wish…this event is not called a Challenge without reason;-) You are encouraged to ink the logos to motivate more auction bids but you don’t have to.

Please LMK if you have any questions.


* reply to myself and Tom if interested and request the hi-res blue line file(s) to be emailed or the blueline print up(s) to be mailed with your shipping address.

* ship the art back upon completion to the Mark Sinnott address above …please send a lo-res file once done if possible in that same email. After that you can post it online publicly as long as you plug that it’s for the 6TH JOE SINNOTT INKING CHALLENGE for the INKWELL AWARDS (https://inkwellawards.com) to promote and educate about the art form of inking and to raise funds for their non-profit organization and their annual Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund to the Kubert School.
* we will be happy to mail you tax-exempt receipts upon request for your contribution.

* we will contact you later if we plan to include you in the book collection and get your bio/photo/comment information

Thanks much for your time, effort, and support, especially those who have been involved in this program for several years (you know who you folks are;-)).


Bob Almond