04 Sep 2011

As we slowly get our revamped site up to ‘speed’, I have some personal loose-ends to catch up on.  And since I have my own blog ‘Bob’s Corner’, I might as well use it when I can, and not just as an intro to each new season (although that post will be forthcoming before long <g>).  Earlier this year I checked out a copy of writer/photographer/marketer/& ‘Jedi’ Buddy Scalera’s new book CREATING COMICS FROM START TO FINISH (released last spring) and overall found the book to be well composed with chapters on various aspects of comic book production from editing, writing, penciling, inking, lettering and coloring, as well as a chapter on alternate jobs in the industry, interviews with Joe Quesada and Stan Lee,  and several addendum chapters with notes and resources for reference.  Among the notable creators involved with their related chapters are Mike Marts, Mark Waid, Darick Robertson, Chris Eliopoulos, Brian Haberlin, and for inking, Rodney Ramos.  I was pleased to see a 12-page chapter on inking, allowing me to write a brief review on that section as that happens to be a matter ON TOPIC here at the Inkwell Awards site.  Rodney has had over two decades in the biz as an ink artist and he’s got an impressive reputation so Buddy made a superb choice with him.

Rodney starts off with the origin and history of inking in the comics world, explaining why it exists and why it’s transformed over time.  He then explores his own history and how he broke into the biz and got focused on inking.  He discusses the inker’s/freelancer’s mindset, the options of tight inking vs. finishing (oddly, the word ‘finishing’ isn’t used), and the priority (and limitations) of deadlines and more.  He also touches on the topic of digital inking as well as skipping the process altogether, going from pencils to colors.  In addition, he has sidebars on his tools of the trade and even about the dreaded ‘T’-word, notoriously referred to from the film Chasing Amy.  To fully embellish (pun intended) his coverage, he includes a couple of examples of published comic art pages from pencils to inks, both done traditionally, one with greywash tones added.

I must credit Rodney’s clarity and knowledge of the craft as the section reads very well and this is due to his writing skills.  I love the behind the scenes bits of info and his honesty on the subject at hand.  His professionalism shines through and the reader can see that he takes the art form very seriously.  It’s a How-to book that I’m proud to add to my bookshelf.
Bob Almond, 9/4/11

For those interested in purchasing it, below is further specific info forwarded by Buddy:

There are extended interviews and advice from:
* Mike Marts – Editor – Batman, Detective Comics
* Mark Waid – Writer Kingdom Come, Flash, Irredeemable, Spider-Man
* Darick Robertson – Penciler Wolverine, The Boys, Transmetropolitan, Conan
* Rodney Ramos – Inker Green Lantern, Punisher
* Brian Haberlin – Colorist Witchblade, Spawn, Top Cow
* Chris Eliopoulos – Letterer Pet Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men
* Joe Quesada – Chief Creative Officer Marvel Comics
* Stan Lee – Former President, Chairman Marvel Comics

Available at:
– Amazon: http://amzn.to/ifk37L
– The Jokers Child in Fair Lawn, NJ – http://www.jokerschild.com
– Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ – BN.com – http://bit.ly/dEU7gB

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