The 2013 Inkwell Awards Donation Drive Sketchbook (A) (V. 5, #1)


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Produced by Jim Tournas (w/ Bob Almond)/ Text by Bob Almond (Results announcement and excerpts from the 2013 Heroes Con Inkwell Awards awards ceremony speech) and Jimmy Tournas (editorial and 5-page ballot survey question responses), 10X6.75, b&w, 72 pages

Features new art donations by (in order): Ed Coutts(Cover) , Roger Andrews (4), Meghan Hetrick Murante & Tom Schloendorn (4), Frankie B. Washington, Paul Abrams, Charles P. Wilson III, Jamie Cosley, Bobby Timony, Ty Tyner (2), Kristilyn Stevenson (6), Rusty Gilligan (4), Fred Hembeck, Chris Foreman (2), Vo Nguyen (4), Dan Sehn, Bill Meiggs, Rita Moore, Chris Beaver, Joe Sinnott, Robert James Luedke, Greg Adams, Scott Ambruson, Mike Doherty, Bob McLeod, Dan Capitumini, Scott Hamilton, Bob Eggleton (2), Andy Driscoll, Isaiah McAllister, Walt Simonson, Jessie H. Mead, Kevin Mellon, Jack Purcell, Stuart Sayger, Thom Zahler, Jimmy Segura, Dave Simons, Hannibal King, Lena H. Chandhok, Ken Branch, Tom Schloendorn, Zeke Savory, Jr. (2), Chris Yambar, Jonboy Meyers, Keith Murphey, Roger Harris, Craig Rousseau, Jamie Kinosian, Dan Panosian and Brett Booth.

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