The 2010 Inkwell Awards Donation Drive Sketchbook (V. 2, #1)


Wizardworld: New England Comic Con Exclusive
(NOTE: this is a different book from the previous 2010 version and with all new material. It does not have the same contents as the previous book with an alternate cover.)
Produced by Jim Tournas (w/ Bob Almond)/ Text by Daniel Best, 10X6.75, b&w 52 pages

Features new art donations by: Craig Rousseau (cover art) & Blake Wilkie (cover color art), Joe Sinnott, JasonMetcalf, C.P. Wilson (2), Jamal Igle, Joe Haley (2), Steve Scott, & Bob Almond, David Bancroft, Heather Ryerson (2),Mike Lilly, Sara Richard (2), Nicole Hansche, Cesar Feliciano, Mike Doherty (3), Enrique (Zeke) Savory, Jr., Kelly Yates, Becky Cloonan, Brian Kong, Jim Starlin, Christopher Gibbs, Scott Cohn, Koi Pham, Mike Mignola, Rich Woodall, Jack Purcell, Tim Vigil, Chris Moreno (2), Kent Archer, Jim Calafiore, Darryl Banks, Budd Root, Scott Wegener, Rob Reilly, Ed Coutts, Eva Hopkins, Mike Huddleston, Glenn Klimeck & Bob Almond, Greg Moutafis (2), Eric Merced, G.W. Fisher, Cliff Rathburn, Bill Sienkiewicz, Scottie Young, Peter Vinton, Ben Templesmith, James Nguyen, David Petersen, Mike McKone & Mark McKenna, Billy Tan and Tommy Castillo.

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