Ms. Inkwell Gallery Book (revised & expanded edition)


Produced, Co-Designed and Edited by Enrica Jang(2016), Ray Burke(2023)/ Concept, Writer, Artist Recruiter, Co-Designed, Co-Edited & Proofread by Bob Almond/ Additional Proofreading by Mike Pascale(2016)/Ray Burke(2023)/ Kickstarter & Indiegogo Organizer by Richard Boom(2023)

Recruiting Assists by Tom Schloendorn(2016), Richard Boom(2023), 8.5X11 (magazine-sized), 164 b&w & color interior pages!

Introduction and all chapters by Bob Almond/ Foreward by Jimmy Palmiotti

Bill Sienkiewicz (front cover) / Randy Green & Laura Martin (back cover)

Featuring the Ms. Inkwell Gallery artwork of (in order): Bill Sienkiewicz, Randy Green & Laura Martin, Dean Kotz & Tom Schloendorn, Jeremy Dale & Schloendorn, Jay Fife & Mark McKenna, Charles Barnett III, Jeff Austin (2), Roger Andrews & Bob Almond, Tod Allen Smith & Almond, Alex Saviuk, Ed Coutts, Fred Hembeck, Gerry Acerno (2), Howard Chaykin, Johnny B. Gerardy, Philip Moy (2), Sara Richard, Leonardo Gondim & Mike Kellar, Louis Small Jr., Michael Netzer, Mike Pascale, Neil Vokes, Tommy Castillo, Trevor von Eeden, Joe Sinnott, Elias Chatzoudis, Mark Texeira, Mike Okamoto, Joe Orsak, Chris Campana, Tim Estiloz, Ian Churchill, Jorin Evers, Markus Von Renthe-Fink, Chiara Di Francia, Silvano Beltramo,Vinz El Tabanas, Yonami Paulo Teles, Alfredo Reyes, Andrew Pepoy, Michelle Delecki, Dan Parent, Ken Hunt, Eric “Ebas” Basuldua, Vince Rodriguez, Roberto Dal Santo, Monte Moore, Dean Rankine, Mark Beachum and John Tyler Christopher .  Additional art by Randy Green, Nathan Massengill, Craig Rousseau, Blake Wilkie, Franchesco, Scott Hanna, Mike McKone, Billy Tucci, Jim Tournas, Mike Lilly, David Hanson, Dan Panosian, John Christopher, Tom Schloendorn, Norman Katz, Sean Mendoza,  Mark Texeira & Buzz, and Bill Sienkiewicz. Also includes a photo roll call and info for most of the Ms. Inkwell live spokesmodels.

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