30 Dec 2018

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Inkwell Awards Announces Artists For David Finch Spotlight Challenge

(New Bedford, MA/USA—December 26, 2018) The non-profit Inkwell Awards, devoted to promoting the art of comic book inking, has released the list of 24 artists participating in its fourth annual Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight. This year’s Challenge features artist David Finch‘s take on DC’s iconic Batman. The artwork will be auctioned afterwards for fundraising.

The artists (in alphabetical order) are:

Gerry Acerno

Kenneth Branch

Brett Breeding

John Beatty

Keith Champagne

Kevin Conrad

Marc Deering

John Dell

John Floyd

Scott Hanna

Tony Kordos

Jay Leisten

Criss Madd

Mark McKenna

Andrew Pepoy

Joe Prado

Rodney Ramos

Victor Olazaba Serna

Bill Sienkiewicz

Andy Smith

Mark Stegbauer

LeBeau Underwood

Keith Williams

Walden Wong

According to founder/director Bob Almond, the Spotlight Challenge, which grew out of its original Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge, showcases other contemporary, fan-favorite talents on a more limited scale with veteran published inkers who may or may not have participated in other challenges. The previous three pencillers were Jim Lee, Neal Adams and Erik Larsen.

“We are thrilled to have such a positive response from such a great group,” Almond said. “We realize schedules are tight and ever-changing so we are grateful to those able to step up for this one.” He added that the list may change somewhat if schedules change but there will be 24 participants in total. “If there’s one thing we’ve learned during our decade-plus operation, it’s flexibility.”

The Challenge Spotlight furthers the inking advocacy’s dual mission of promoting the artform and educating the public. Blue-lined art files featuring a tightly pencilled David Finch Batman pinup are sent to the artists to finish and/or embellish in ink. Each inked page will be signed by Finch and the inker, and include a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by Almond. All pages will then be auctioned off at a later date as a fundraiser. Fans will be able to see the difference in the pencilled and inked versions to better understand how much inkers contribute to the artform.

“On behalf of the Inkwells,” said Almond, “our sincerest thanks to DC, David, Erick Korpi for setting things up with myself and David, the inkers, and all involved for their cooperation, support of our program, and appreciation of ink artists.”