15 Jul 2014




Silver Inkwells

As I do every year, in my live ceremony speech at Heroes Con I present the Special Recognition Awards for members of the Inkwell team who are leaving the core committee after having served on good standing for at least a year and to those who have made an exceptional accomplishment. Below is an excerpt from my speech which rewards three outstanding team members for their service and contributions to our advocacy: (more…)

31 Aug 2013



(Sorry about the sub-title, but I’ve always been a die-hard Avengers fan:-))

Almost every season here at the Inkwell Awards there’s a change of some sort from our team associates, some major and others more minor in their nature.  The latest season that ended in June and the new, sixth one that began this summer, however, was a bigger shake up than usual.  So I figured I should summarize our status for those keeping a roster checklist.


30 Aug 2013



For some time now we have published two book projects annually: The Inkwell Awards Donation Drive and Results Book (which debuted as a sketchbook in 2009 by committee member Bob Shaw and was further developed and enhanced in 2010 by committee member Jim Tournas) and the Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge book (which debuted in January 2010 as conceived by me and produced by Jim).  You can see every edition’s covers in our website Store and all regular editions are still available. The initial printing expenses of  these books were usually sponsored by an advertiser whether it be Harrison’s Comics & Pop Culture, Blaq Books or Rhode Island Comic Con.  But sometimes there were additional costs to us like when and advertiser couldn’t be found, errors were made and the book had to be printed again. Or when the initial run, sometimes minimal, ran out and we had to print up more.  Jimmy looked into different routes of funding for the program over the years but nothing materialized.  Sure, we’re “non-profit” but, c’mon! We’re still a business;-)


16 Jun 2013


Exerpted from my speech from the 2013 Inkwell Awards live awards ceremony at Heroes Con, June 8, 2013:


We have two Special Recognition awards to announce this year.  It is very challenging to get volunteers every year for our separate and independent Nomination Committee so we added an incentive. For those members who return to serve for five years we offer one of our special silver inkwell trophies. This year the first recipient of this is the former associate director of the Joe Schuster Awards, Robert Haines.  Robert is not here today but I will make sure that he get’s his deserved award.


22 Apr 2013


While seemingly off-topic, it’s actually not, as many ink artists were effected.  I want to help circulate more attention for my friend Enrica Jang of Red Stylo Media who has formed We Win Con, a non-profit organization set up to help the artists who took a financial hit due to the cancellation of the Boston Con this weekend due to the recent threat of the Boston Marathon Bomber. Below is their statement:

The details: 
We Win Con is helping independent artists and fans who lost money and opportunities from the postponement of the Boston Comic Convention to be able to recoup a little of what they spent.

Artists who are out cash, travel and most importantly SALES this weekend can be featured in an online convention at wewincon.org. We’re also helping raise funds for charity in the process.

To help artists recover some costs so they can get through ’til BCC is back, visit http://wewincon.org/

Our goals:
•Bringing fans to the artists since artists couldn’t get to the fans.
•Gas Card Drive to reimburse artists that drove to Boston and had to turn back.
•Charitable giving for the organizations who were set to receive donations from the show.

Artists will get a FREE featured post, complete with links to their own online stores. Those without stores, Red Stylo Media is donating online space in their store to help promote sales. Any interested artist can email info@wewincon.org 

@wewincon on twitter


05 Aug 2012

*ITEM! Ink artist Phil Moy posted this file on our Facebook group page which shows a giant Ms. Inkwell illustration that he donated to our upcoming Ms. Inkwell Gallery book used on the promotional screens above Artists Alley at San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to Phil for giving Ms. India Wells some west coast cred while plugging himself.

*ITEM! Check out our spankin’ new FAQ page to answer all of those pesky inquiries you’ve been wondering about all this time. And reading our updated History page can’t hurt!

*ITEM! Congratulations to Inkwell Awards committee member Michael W. Kellar for his promotion to the position of Assistant Director starting this month of August. This will mean that Mike will help me add some much-coveted order to my present load of chaos. Wish us luck!

*ITEM! Speaking of the Ms. Inkwell Gallery book, that was intended for a summer release, it’s now scheduled for a late fall release. But we have some big surprises in store for it that we’ll be sure to announce soon!

*ITEM! And speaking of books, our 2012 Donation book that debuted at Heroes Con is now available at our Store for a donation of $15. And within a week we’ll be able to take orders for our Special Signed & Numbered (limited to only ten copies) Edition signed by cover artist Mike McKone and signed by producers Jim Tournas and Bob Almond on the title page inside.

28 Jun 2012




<Note: this was the original material from my first edited draft regarding this year’s Special Recognition Awards that would up in a much-abbreviated form for the live ceremony speech at Heroes Con June 23 on Saturday 12:30-2:00 for the sake of brevity. All three Inkwell award recipients received their silver inkwell trophy following the ceremony.>