28 Jun 2012




<Note: this was the original material from my first edited draft regarding this year’s Special Recognition Awards that would up in a much-abbreviated form for the live ceremony speech at Heroes Con June 23 on Saturday 12:30-2:00 for the sake of brevity. All three Inkwell award recipients received their silver inkwell trophy following the ceremony.>


12 May 2012

Tony DeZuniga was one of the true trailblazers of the comic book world. He wasn’t the first foreign artist to work in the American market, but he became one of the most famous, and by virtue of sheer talent opened the door for an entire generation of Filipino artists to follow. Along the way he co-created one of the more unique Western characters to grace a mainstream comic book – Jonah Hex – and left his mark both as a penciller and inker of repute.


30 Apr 2012

Stan Goldberg! Budd Root! Herb Trimpe! Ivan Reis! Pat Olliffe! Wayne Faucher! Bill Sienkiewicz! Michael Dooney! Scott McDaniel! Tim Vigil! Simon Bisley! Patrick Block! Ron Wilson! Joe Benitez! Joe Prado! David Michael Beck! Louis Small Jr! Doug Sneyd! Ron Frenz! This is but a sampling of the 30 or so post-Boston Con and Pittsburgh Comicon items being auctioned off this week from the Inkwell Awards including a cover, original published art, original illustrations, cover sketches, card sketches, signed prints, etc! Check ’em out and help bring in the deserving award recipients to the annual ceremony at Heroes Con! http://www.ebay.com/sch/merchant/theinkwellawards

05 Feb 2012

Did you know it is a leap year this year? Did you also know that the Inkwell Awards have some pretty special things happening? No? Well you should!

We have a new interactive forum/social network on our site and we also have a new Facebook Fan Page…

But that’s not all!

In order to celebrate the leap year comic book style! We are having a special contest. Every new member who signs up on the forum and our FB Fan Page by the 28th will have their name entered into a raffle. The winner will receive 4 #1 issues of comics, several ComicCon exclusives, and two graphic novels (and maybe some more goodies!).

Good Luck! The winner will be posted on February 29th.

30 Jan 2012

Two years in the making! Books! T-shirts! Prints! Check out our Inkwell merchandise for sale on our Store Page, including the hot off the presses JOE SINNOTT INKING CHALLENGE BOOK, now for sale! And keep checking out the page for new items and updates like shopping carts, quantity counts and payment capabilities.