31 Oct 2013


On Wednesday writer Clifford Meth posted an article on his popular blog in response to the Jim Sanders III story reported some days ago. He included info that Inkwell Awards director Bob Almond had posted on Facebook in regards to the upcoming fundraising auctions to run November 9 at their eBay store page.  Almond shared on his FB wall “Clifford Meth is known for his generous efforts in riling up the community to help comic book creators/artists in need (Gene Colan, William Messnor-Loebs and Dave Cockrum being but a few examples). We couldn’t have a greater advocate on our side. Please SHARE and donate if you can. Jim has been helped in the past by a well-known community charity but they can only help so much so we’re up at bat now to lend a hand to one of our veteran inkers.”