24 Dec 2018

<copy/pasted from Facebook> I’d like to apologize for the 6th (and intended to be final) JOE SINNOTT INKING CHALLENGE book which dually acts as a 10th anniversary album. It was delayed in 2017 for our anniversary in 2018 and it missed the June host show release. With only days remaining the completed sections put together by many gracious and supportive members and associates have barely been collected and developed beyond a proof. The buck stops with me and I apologize to not only anyone looking forward to seeing it but all the Challenge artist participants, the authors Cliff Meth and Tim Lasiuta, the various folks who fed Mike Pascale celebratory statements, Michael Netzer who painted a cover portrait of Joe Sinnott and Joe and Mark Sinnott themselves. We are making plans to try to get the book produced for 2019, preferably early on, through contacts. It will be something special so it’d be a shame if it were to languish in limbo indefinitely. I’ll report any updates here and please contact me if you can help or know someone that can!

Bob Almond