20 Mar 2019

2005 Bob & Joe (pre-Inkwell Awards) at the Boston Comic Book & Toy Spectacular (photo: Mark Sinnott?)

As reported at CBR and on Joe Sinnott’s Facebook page on March 18, first Inkwell special ambassador, Hall of Fame namesake, award recipient, Eisner Award winner, inking God and all-around great guy, JOE SINNOTT, is officially retired after 69 years of a continuous, prosperous and impactful comic book career in his life. Much-deserved relaxation for the Joltin’ One! He retired officially from Marvel Comics from monthly comic book deadlines back in 1992 (attached photo) and has worked on inking the Spider-man newspaper strip until this month as well as doing commissions, small assignments and convention hopping. Post retirement, only the convention attendance will continue and they will be limited and tentative dependent on Joe’s health. He’ll be doing limited signings at these shows but no sketching. How does this effect his association to the Inkwells? Not significantly. We will join him at two shows: at The Undiscovered Realm Comic Con in White Plains, NY May 4-5 we’ll be sitting beside him and we’ll both be in attendance at the Terrificon at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT August 9-11 (only 9-10 for Joe). We have the 6th Sinnott Inking Challenge Book & 10th Anniversary Album being produced after a three-year absence by new, incoming Book Production Editor Renee Woodruff. It will contain Joe’s “Sinnott Soapbox” and he will tentatively sign copies of this final edition to the Inkwell series. After giving Joe a season off, the 9th Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge has been discussed and is tentatively being considered with help from good family friend, handler and Inkwell senior contributor Jim Tournas. One thing is ultimately clear: the most important and shared goal of us and Joe’s family and friends is Joe’s health and wellness. Shows, signing and his Challenge, these are all subject to change and we will not put pressure on him about anything is he’s not up to it. After witnessing how Stan Lee’s final year played out we aim to be concerned and cautious about our loved one in our family first and foremost. He loves the medium and community but he still deserves to enjoy life in his twilight years. We hope you all understand.

(L-R: back row) Tom Brevoort, Bob Budiansky, Nel Yomtov, Mike Rockwitz, Mark Gruenwald, Carl Potts, Virginia Romita, Renee Witterstaetter, John Romita Sr. (L-R: front row) Barry Dutter, Ralph Macchio, George Roussos, Tom Defalco, JOE, Jack Abel and Allen Milgrom (photo by ?)

06 Mar 2019


New Bedford, MA/USA—March 7, 2019) The non-profit Inkwell Awards has put their weekly fundraising eBay auctions on hold until after their annual awards show in April.

“We really appreciate the support from our regular bidders and buyers over the years,” said Inkwells founder and director Bob Almond. “We depend on them to support our advocacy and support efforts. But our tiny committee is made up of working professionals who volunteer in their spare time. Lately we’ve all been swamped with work as well as family issues which have forced us to put things on hold for now.”

The 501(c)(3) advocacy changed their awards venue and date to the The Great Philadelphia Comic Con on April 12-14, which is two months earlier than their previous setup at Heroes World in June, causing them to move up their awards schedule. “The time-consuming work of nominations and tallying the winners had to be compressed into a shorter window, making us lose even more valuable auction time,” added Almond. “Thankfully, Special Inkwell Ambassador (and international rockstar), Jim Starlin, went above and beyond to raise funds for us last August. So we’re okay for now. But we’ll need the fans’ support again soon.”

According to Almond, auctions should resume either the final week of April or the first week of May. The first new ones will tentatively resume with the Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight on David Finch. Specific details will be announced as those events draw closer.