14 May 2018

The 8th Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge Wave One with Loki pages ran 2 weeks ago but the Hela listings for Wave Two are now up with 4 late and remainder Lokis in tow, 16 listings in all (plus two unrelated Rob Liefeld donations to celebrate the release of Deadpool2 this week). Lots of creativity and diversity here from Joe Sinnott as inked/embellished by participating artists such as Joe Orsak, Thomas Stocker, Ken Branch, Noah Barrett, Ariel Aguire, Charles Barnett III, Ed Eargle, Keith Williams, Mike Pascale, Mark Sinnott, Nick Papadimitriou, Rusty Gilligan and Tom Schloendorn! The eBay Store Page is here and these Challenge auctions will end Sunday evening May 20!

Last month we launched the 3rd Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight, this year shining on Erik Larsen. Those Savage Dragon pages will be offered again in two weeks with season remainders, the final fundraising auctions before we celebrate the end of our 10th anniversary season with our 8th live awards ceremony at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC the weekend of June 15-17.

The Joe Sinnott Challenge program debuted in 2011 by Inkwell founder & director Bob Almond which was inspired by art rep/promoter Steve Morger’s Big Wow Comicfest’s “Inking Panels” who consented to using the idea to meet the non-profit’s mission of educating about at the oft-misunderstood art form of comic book inking. The event is open to everyone, from established professions to small press/indie artists to fans and amateurs who want to try it out and ink the legendary Joltin’ One and Inking God Joe.  It also because a major, annual fundraiser for the organization. Due to it’s success, the spin-off Spotlight program launched in in late 2015, a brainchild of Bob and senior contributor Jim Tournas who imagined pulling in other master artists from yesteryear and contemporary “rockstars” to offer their pencil work for a limited number of veteran, published pros, invite only. The first two years were focused on Jim Lee and Neal Adams. Committee member Erick Korpi got the fledgling program off the ground with convincing Jim Lee to agree to be involved with DC Comics’ full support and former committee member Joe Goulart spearheaded the Neal Adams operations initially with Bob later taking over and running year three with Erik Larsen on his own. Unlike the original Sinnott Inking Challenge, no book collections have been approved from the Spotlight program to date. But they can all be seen at the Inkwell’s ComicArtFans gallery.

An earlier announcement featured Stefan Kalscheid’s Savage Dragon gif so here we present his Waves One and Two with Hela and Loki (edited to add in 2 late submissions).