31 Aug 2013



(Sorry about the sub-title, but I’ve always been a die-hard Avengers fan:-))

Almost every season here at the Inkwell Awards there’s a change of some sort from our team associates, some major and others more minor in their nature.  The latest season that ended in June and the new, sixth one that began this summer, however, was a bigger shake up than usual.  So I figured I should summarize our status for those keeping a roster checklist.


30 Aug 2013



For some time now we have published two book projects annually: The Inkwell Awards Donation Drive and Results Book (which debuted as a sketchbook in 2009 by committee member Bob Shaw and was further developed and enhanced in 2010 by committee member Jim Tournas) and the Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge book (which debuted in January 2010 as conceived by me and produced by Jim).  You can see every edition’s covers in our website Store and all regular editions are still available. The initial printing expenses of  these books were usually sponsored by an advertiser whether it be Harrison’s Comics & Pop Culture, Blaq Books or Rhode Island Comic Con.  But sometimes there were additional costs to us like when and advertiser couldn’t be found, errors were made and the book had to be printed again. Or when the initial run, sometimes minimal, ran out and we had to print up more.  Jimmy looked into different routes of funding for the program over the years but nothing materialized.  Sure, we’re “non-profit” but, c’mon! We’re still a business;-)


18 Aug 2013

On July 19 at Comic Con International: San Diego The 2013 Will Eisner Awards were announced and Inkwell Awards Special Ambassador and Inkwell Hall of Fame Award Namesake and Recipient JOE SINNOTT was inducted into their prestigious 2013 Hall of Fame Awards, as presented by Sergio Aragones.

Joe wasn’t able to attend the awards ceremony but he finally received his trophy and his son Mark Sinnott kindly forwarded this photo image to us.


Photograph: Mark Sinnott

In 1995 Joe also received an Inkpot Award at SDCC and in 2008, besides the Inkwell Awards Hall of Fame named after him, he won the Favorite Inker (tied with terry Austin).

It’s well-deserved, my friend!  We are so happy for you! ~B~